Designed to be the world’s most secure and complete cryptocurrency exchange. Bitmillex is developed by experienced traders and experts in cybersecurity and the use of blockchain financial solutions, to create customized and tangible solutions to the demands of various categories of traders and investors; and aggregate these solutions into a unique and extra-ordinary ecosystem. The automated trading apps save energy, time and effort of the traders by executing the trade autonomously without any manual intervention. It also maintains a good ecosystem. Visit to learn about one such tredning app.

"As a former senior trader at MF Global, I can see that Bitmillex clearly does not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach and I can’t agree more with them that a truly complete platform must have unique offerings for the active, the passive, the risk-takers, the risk averse, the newbie, the expert, the technical analyst, the fundamental analyst as well as those seeking to have easy conversion of crypto currencies into fiat; in the most secured trading environment. Truly Brilliant!”- Zoran Ash, CEO Ash Fund.


Some features of Bitmillex


The most advanced security and hosting protection in partnership with the world’s best cybersecurity and web services providers. Features also a multilayered wallet protection and online:offline fund ratio maintenance.

Peer To Peer Market

Buying and selling of BTC and Alts between users, on the platform using most convenient means such as paypal, debit and credit cards, direct account transfer, gift cards, money transfers and more.

The Bitmillex Revolutionary Debit Card

A system designed to give instant access to exchange wallet balances through an accelerated top-up process that converts BTC to fiat for encashment on atms or to be used for online payments worldwide.

Auto Trade

Introduction of auto trade mode that works on the premises of copy trading. Users have an option to select which trader to follow from a pool that shows the performance of all listed traders. Trades executed by followed trader mirrors automatically on followers account. Auto trading allows several successful transactions in a small amount of time. Bitcoin Champion is one such premier auto trading platforms to perform CFD trading. No specific skills are required to trade on this platform. The official Bitcoin Champion app is now available for download in Play store. You can register with this app and start making money in just few minutes of time.

Free trading Signals

From the Bitmillex analysis floor, free daily trading signals generated by our team of trading analysts from technical and fundamental data, as well as tested trade algorithms. Exclusive to all holders of BTML token.

Margin Trading on MT4/MT5

Introduction of MT5 trading software to cryptocurrency exchanging. to give a multi-platform and multi-terminal trading experience. A major advantage of this is that it supports margin and multi-directional trading. traders can buy in bull markets and sell in bear markets.

Peer to Peer Lending

A safe and unique option to earn passive investment income even when one is not trading, by lending funds to other traders on the platform who desire additional trading capital under a tenured arrangement.

Offer Forex Pairs

Bitmillex gives traders the flexibility to hold funds in fiat and trade major forex pairs such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, and GBP/USD as alternative to cryptocurrencies.

24/7 Customer Care

An uncommon feature in most cryptocurrency exchanges, the Bitmillex multilingual customer care unit shall be available all day round to provide instant response to customers’ complaints and enquiries.

Why we Are The Most Complete Platform BITMILLEX



Token Allocation


ICO Schedule





Malcolm Briton

Malcolm is a very experienced trader with particular interest in Forex, Indices and Crypto futures analysis and trading. He is most renown for his research and teachings on the use of Volume and Spread Analysis in trading. His famous thread on Forexfactory on this topic has over 30,000 posts. When not trading, blogging, vlogging or teaching others to trade, he directs construction operations. |

(Co-Founder/Lead,Software Designs and Architecture)

Emir is a software developer and serial enterprenuer who has for years been developing automated trading systems and blockchain payment systems for institutional traders in East Europe and Asia. He has also built and delivered his self-developed, unique bulkSMS generation portals to various clients across the globe. Most recently He is the CEO of Nixarsoft among other startups which have developed various web and mobile apps as well as software for two cryptocurrency exchanges. |

Rajdeep Dhar
(Co-Founder, Head of Business Development)

Rajdeepspent 11 years consulting large scale enterprises with digital adoption. He's equally involved in helping startups emulate industry leading processes. Rajdeep has worked in various leadership positions from Mentoring to sales coaching and blockchain advisory. He was an early adopter of Bitcoin and a cryptocurrency advocate on social media. |

Matthias Van Dooren
(Team Lead Social Media Content)

Matt is a Social Media Marketing Expert. With years of cryptocurrency trading and analysis behind him, he contributed immensely to the success stories of projects like,,, vividtoken, coinstarter and Refereum. He now specialises mainly in directing and guidance of project support admins on platforms like telegram, reddit, discord and mainstream media. He is one of the forces behind leading ICO promoters, |

Imran Rahman
(Lead Exchange and Smart Contracts Developer)

Technology Lead, Software Architect, Full Stack Engineer, Blockchain Evangelist, and Ethereum Smart Contract Developer with over 12 years of experience in software development and front-end technologies. Main Architect, and engineer of many complex enterprise-grade web applications. Uses new innovative ways for product development and obsessed with writing extensible code, building blockchain-based applications and D-Apps. |

Syed Hashim Jamal

Hashim has experience in IT sales and business development, strategic management, brand creation, specifically in verticals of People Management & Outsourcing. He has highly developed skills in managing relationship management, negotiating technical/commercial deals, sourcing new products/customers/ opportunities on a global scale all while handling a diverse range of people, products and technologies. |

Abdulmajeed Abdul
(COO and Lead Investment Contents Dev.)

Abdul is a financial market analyst, trader and speculator in stocks, forex andmost recently, cryptocurrencies, on which he trains and advises. In addition, he is a hedge fund manager with over a decade’s experience in banking operations, credits and payment systems. He met Emir while the latter was developing software for an African cryptocurrency exchange Abdul was consulting for. |

Raees R.A Khan
(Lead Security Solutions Developer)

Rana is a very experienced computer engineer and enterpreneur with expertise in areas inclusive but not limited to general web development, hosting and scripting. In the last two years he has developed security architecture for blockchain projects including coinplug exchange. He is the lead developer of the auto signal generating algorithm using python and curl technology, a system that generated over $11.5m during a 9-month test period. |

Jose Emmanuel
(Lead Community Manager)

Lead Community Manager: Jose is the founding partner of JM Mosspole, a blockchain startup advisory firm. He is a highly experienced community consultant and manager who has worked with several ICO projects and start-ups such as Crypto BNB, Nuvus, Amazix among others. |

Brian Juat
(Community Manager)

Brian is cryptocurrency evangelist and expert in PR and community management. He is co founder of JM Mosspole and alongside Jose, has worked on various ICO projects. |

Gaurav Areng Chakraverti
(Head of Marketing and PR)

Gaurav brings extensive marketing expertise to the Bitmillex project backed by several years of service to small, medium and large businesses, aligning their strategic marketing plans to seamlessly support business goals. As co-founder of digital marketing experts, The Alpha Bet, Gaurav and his team have provided branding and general marketing services and advisory to various blockchain and ICO projects. |



Arun Sachdeva. |


Navdeep Garg. |


Lalit Bansal |


Laura Zaharia |


Sydney Ifergan |

Partnership and Collaboration


Frequently asked questions FAQS

Bitmillex is a United Kingdom registered cryptocurrency exchange that focuses on security of assets as well as creating a robust solution to the needs of traders and invests on an all-in-one platform

The operating model revolves around traders getting their wallets funded and using funds to buy and sell various cryptocurrency while enjoying the flexibility of converting cryptocurrency to fiat and vice versa with ease. Other benefits include investment options through lending to other traders and copy trading.

Because Bitmillex partners with the best security and server hosting/protection giants in the world to provide the most advanced covers and has developed a multilayered, multi-dimensional approach to safeguarding funds in trader’s wallet. In addition, Bitmillex has put in one place the most diverse yet related services and features that can not be found on any other platform in the world. No matter your trading and investment peculiarities, Bitmillex has a solution that fits.

These are the auto-trade options which works by copying trades from selected traders as well as peer to peer lending. Under both schemes, investors earns even if he/she isn’t trading actively.

The Debit card gives access to the cryptocurrency balances in user’s accounts. To use, user tops up card on Bitmillex mobile or web app. This action removes the funds from wallet and credits the debit card. Debit card is thus ready for use like any other bank issued debit card. Negotiations have reached advanced stages with VISA who is most likely to emerge as Bitmillex partner for this service.

The MT5 will be operated as optional charting software, to run on alternative terminals. Users can choose to download MT5 on PC or Android/ IOS devices. The terminal is connected to user’s Bitmillex account through API.

Still on flexibility and options, forex major pairs namely EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and USD/CAD are being introduced to give traders that option to switch over and benefit from other markets especially on the cryptocurrency “red days”

Peer to Peer lending is absolutely safe for lenders as system manages all borrowed funds. Borrower’s loses will not be allowed to eat into borrowed funds. Before that happens, all open trades are closed out

These details shall be finalized before Exchange Launch.

Bitmillex is starting with centralized exchange which will remain active even after the Bitmillex Decentralized Exchange for ERC 20 tokens; is opened in 2019

The BTML ICO starts on 17th May 2018 with Pre-ICO which will be followed by the Public ICO on 13th June 2018.

The Bitmillex token is known as the BTML. It is Ethereum based, ERC 20 compliant with a maximum supply of 75,000,000.00 out of which 50,000,000.00 are being offered for sale.

Bitmillex Tokens can be purchase when ICO begins using Bitcoin or Ethereum. Minimum Purchase at Pre-ICO is 1000 Units. Minimum Purchase during crowd ICO is 150 Units

Lol. We do not fix or regulate the post ICO prices. The forces of demand and supply shall determine that. However we are aware that many are buying BTML for speculative reasons and in line with our objective of creating wealth for all our members and stake holders, we will not only ensure that we deliver on all our promises, we will have very positive surprises which will all culminate in making BTML token prices to soar. We are highly optimistic of delivering one of the highest returns on investments.


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